Tax Grievance 101

A property tax grievance is a formal complaint submitted to your township disputing your property assessment. This complaint must be submitted to your township between May 1st and the third Tuesday of May.

The first level of the grievance process is the Board of Assessment Review where your complaint is analyzed. A decision is made and mailed to the petitioner’s representative. If the representative is not satisfied with the decision of the Board of Assessment Review, judicial review of your assessment can be pursued in Small Claims Court. This appeal is the second level of the grievance process and needs to include evidence that your home is being over assessed.

Once a reduction is awarded, it is effective for the December 1st tax bill following the May the complaint was submitted. The reduction will be delivered via a credit on the second half of your tax bill or a refund depending on the time the reduction is granted. (ie: If the court hearing is held in February, the reduction is usually credited to the second half of your tax bill. If the court hearing is held in May, a refund will be issued). In order for a refund to be issued, your property taxes need to be paid in full.