About Mark Lewis

In the late 1980’s Mark Lewis was a broker in real estate. He found that the real estate market had a huge obstacle when trying to sell homes -- inflated property taxes.

He began performing property tax grievances for his clients. It wasn’t long before he realized that not only homeowners selling their homes were paying too much in property taxes, but all homeowners could be entitled to lower property taxes.

Due to Mark’s dedication to the Long Island communities he incorporated The Mark Lewis Tax Grievance Service, Inc. in February 1994. Mark had already been a successful business man with his real estate school and sports memorabilia; however, he knew the homeowners of Long Island needed this industry.

When Mark started 32 years ago he was mailing to only approximately 100 homeowners. Today we send to over a million households. We have grown to be one of the largest tax grievance services in Suffolk County with reductions averaging $1,000.

Mark left his management team to run the business when he moved to Florida in 2000. Once he moved back to New York, he stayed semi-retired. His health was diminishing due to diabetes. Unfortunately, on March 22, 2013 our much loved, respected and charismatic boss passed away from kidney transplant complications.

We assure all of our clients and potential clients that our business will continue to function the way it has for the past 32 years by the same dedicated management team Mark depended on for the past 30 years.